How To Find Relief If Tmj Pain Is Affecting You

How To Find Relief If Tmj Pain Is Affecting You

Aug 19, 2019

Your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) might be the source of your facial pain. With most people seeking a dentist in Wilmington, MA, for jaw pain, the dentist has diagnosed them with TMJ problems. This is the joint that connects your upper and lower jawbones, acting as a hinge.

Is TMJ affecting you?

The TMJ is a central part of your face and mouth, so it connects nearly everything. Your issue might be TMJ if you have a lot of headaches, toothaches, tense and locked jaw, if you can hear clicking and popping when you open and close your mouth, if your jaw and cheeks are swollen or experiencing pain, if you have pain near your ear, or if you have pain chewing.

You have an increased risk for TMJ pain if you have had a prior jaw injury, have arthritis, have ever had braces, grind your teeth or clench your jaw under stress, have bad posture, or chew gum frequently. To get a diagnosis, visit a dentist near you.

How to Find Relief

There are several home remedies you can try to relieve some of the jaw pain caused by TMJ. Try to recognize when you begin clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth and stop that behavior; wear a nightguard to sleep since you can’t prevent that from happening at night.

Dentists suggest that your teeth should never come in contact with one another unless they are chewing. Practice keeping your lips together, your teeth apart, and resting your tongue lightly behind your front teeth.

You should also avoid chewing gum at any point during your day. Maintain good posture throughout the day, especially when sitting in front of computers, and sleep on your back instead of your stomach. You can also practice mental health strategies to reduce stress and tension.

If these remedies don’t help, you may want to talk to a dentist in the 01887 zip code about a more aggressive solution. Consider Wilmington Dental Studio near Lowell St. and Woburn St. They can help to determine whether you are suffering from TMJ issues and the best way to alleviate your pain.

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