How White Can Your Teeth Get During Teeth Whitening?

How White Can Your Teeth Get During Teeth Whitening?

Oct 01, 2019

People who are not happy with how their teeth appear can get them transformed with the help of teeth whitening treatments. However, people who get their teeth whitened often ask the same question- how white can my teeth get. There is no common answer to this as it depends on person to person and a variety of factors. A major deciding factor is how well their teeth respond to the procedures and the type of teeth whitening treatment chosen, says the dentist in Wilmington.

How White Should Teeth Be?

You might have come across people who are obsessed with getting white teeth to the extent that they keep on frequently bleaching their teeth. However, this can lead to negative consequences such as long-term damage to the enamel. Natural teeth vary in color right from light shades of brown, gray, and even yellow. The natural teeth are never pure white as perceived by many people. It is said that teeth that are too white look synthetic and distracting.

How White Can Teeth Whitening in Wilmington Make My Teeth?

Factors That You Can Control

Teeth Whitening Method

  • In-Office Whitening Treatment

    The professional at clinic treatment is by far the easiest and effective treatment when it comes to brightening your teeth. This type of treatment can be completed in less than an hour. You can even go for whitening during your lunch break. Many in-office treatments are done with the help of laser lights so that faster results can be achieved. The dentist will help you in choosing the shade of white that you like for your teeth. However, a realistic shade that is attainable for your teeth will be chosen.

  • Take-Home Whitening Kits

    Some patients choose take-home whitening kits over professional whitening, says the dentist 01887. Before you can begin with the treatment at home, you need to visit the dentist so that they can take the impression of your teeth and create custom trays. You can add the whitening gel at home and wear the trays every day for specific duration suggested by the dentist in Lowell St. & Woburn St. Within two weeks, you will be able to see the results. It can be said that the longer you wear the trays, the whiter your teeth become, but the dentist will monitor your progress and suggest thereafter.

  • Concentration of Whitening Agent

    Another factor that determines the shade of whiteness is the concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the whitening solution. The OTC and take-home kits usually have lower levels of bleaching agents than what is used by the dentist at the clinic. You may save money with at-home treatments but they will also disappoint you with less effective results!

Factors Beyond Your Control

  • Natural Tooth Color

    The teeth can get discolored as you age. The tooth enamel becomes thin and exposes more of your dentin which lies below the dentin. People, who have darker dentin than others, can make their teeth appear yellowish. In such cases, it’s impossible to whiten your teeth as the whitening products are only meant for lightening the outer appearance of the teeth, i.e. enamel and won’t penetrate the dentin. For these people, dentists usually suggest options such as bonding and porcelain veneers.

How Can You Make Most of Your Teeth Whitening?

Another common question that people ask is for how long their teeth can remain white after the treatment. The only way of keeping your teeth white and avoiding the stains is by avoiding foods and drinks that cause staining in the first place. You might have to keep away from coffee, tea, wine, and smoking. It might not be possible and easy for many people to keep away from the beverages but making some changes can also help!

If you are thinking about transforming your smile with teeth whitening, it’s better to schedule an appointment with a dentist near you for a consultation so that he can discuss the right treatment option for you. Once the type of treatment is decided, he will schedule the next visit for the whitening treatment. Once the treatment has been done, he will give tips on how to maintain a whiter smile for longer.

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