Root Canal Treatment Alleviates Pain and Saves Your Tooth

Root Canal Treatment Alleviates Pain and Saves Your Tooth

May 16, 2019

Most people get worried about the pain if their dentist prescribes a root canal procedure to treat a damaged or diseased tooth. But this notion is wrong. Millions of teeth are treated and saved through Root canal, relieving pain and making teeth healthy again. This procedure is relatively painless and extremely effective. A root canal is the process of medically removing a seriously diseased or an injured tooth.

When Is Treatment Needed?

Root canals are mostly suggested or needed when there is an infection deep within the tooth. The pulp inside the tooth can become infected with bacteria, which can be caused by an injury or because of a severe, untreated cavity. If treatment does not start on time, the infection can become severe enough that the tooth will have to be extracted.

Root Canal Procedure

A root canal is essentially a four-step process.

First, the dentist administers local anaesthesia to numb the tooth. After the tooth becomes numb, the endodontist will place a dental dam, a small sheet of rubber that isolates the tooth to keep it dry and clean during the procedure.

  • Dentist will use a small drill, to access the inside of the tooth by creating an opening in the top portion of the tooth. Afterwards, the dentist will use small files to clear away the diseased pulp from the inside of the tooth. Files are also used to shape the inner chamber of the tooth and root. The dentist might also apply an antimicrobial solution in the chamber to kill any leftover bacteria and reduce the risk for further infection.
  • Once the chamber is fully cleaned and dried, the endodontist will fill it. The dentist will close the opening in the tooth with a temporary filling, before the permanent crown is put.
  • After a few weeks, the dentist will place a permanent crown. The dentist might also place a small supporting post inside of the root chamber depending on the condition of the natural tooth, to make the crown more stable

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