Dermal Fillers in Wilmington, MA

Dermal Fillers in Wilmington, MA

Dermal fillers are a convenient, fast way to get more youthful, fuller skin. Dermal fillers help eliminate wrinkles and erase facial lines while giving skin plumpness and renewed vigor. Fillers replace lost tissue volume, smoothing deep lines. As a result of the aging process, our bodies slowly stop making elastin and collagen. Dermal fillers reduce and eliminate the visible signs of aging caused by collagen loss and loss of volume. Common brands include Restylane™ and Juvederm™.

Dermal fillers are gels most often made of hyaluronic acid. While “acid” might sound scary, hyaluronic acid is safe, gentle, and a bona fide miracle worker. It is found naturally in our joints, where it acts as a cushioning gel. Hyaluronic acid binds water to itself efficiently and prevents it from escaping our tissues. The added moisture renews and revivifies tissue that’s in need of extra hydration. This allows moisture to plump out lines, creases, and wrinkles. Moist, properly hydrated skin looks much younger than dry and dehydrated skin.

Dermal fillers:

  • Reduce creases and wrinkles
  • Plump lips
  • Invigorate dull, listless skin
  • Eliminate depressed scar tissue
  • Renew the look of aging skin
  • Improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin
  • Moisturizes deeply dehydrate skin
  • Reduce lines and crow’s feet
  • Reduce medium-depth wrinkles

Dermal fillers are a superb method of reinvigorating and filling out facial tissue that’s become drawn and flattened over the cheekbones and jaws due to periodontal disease. It also reinvigorates skin that’s been dried out by too much sun.

Dermal fillers are injected into the face along the areas that need it, lifting skin tissue and erasing lines, sags, and wrinkles. Note that dermal fillers are not permanent. The effects last from 3 months to a year. Their effects are not as dramatic as that of a facelift. They’re a great complement to a smile makeover, completing the overall rejuvenated look. There are many variations of the formulation of dermal fillers, each with a specific purpose. Fillers are injected along the areas that need help. The process is minimally invasive and can be done in a single visit.

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