Situations that Qualify You for Dental Implants

Situations that Qualify You for Dental Implants

Mar 01, 2020

Picture dental implants as artificial tooth roots, similar in shape to ordinary screws. If you unfortunately lose your tooth, getting implants will allow you to live a fairly normal life where you can eat, smile, talk and enjoy other everyday activities with confidence. They are so far the best and most reliable form of replacement teeth that look, feel and even function naturally.

The number of people getting dental implants in Wilmington and all around the United States is constantly growing. Many dentists recommend implants because it offers more benefits compared to dentures and bridges. As long as the procedure is done right, the success rate of implants is high with a longevity that can last a lifetime.

Who Is the Right Candidate for Implants?

A missing tooth is enough for you to consider getting implants, but a professional dental examination is what will actually determine if it is a right choice for you. Tooth loss occurs mostly due to decay, periodontal disease or trauma. Depending on how you lost your teeth, this could affect your candidacy for getting implants. So, for you to be considered for implants you need to meet the following criteria;

  • Have sufficient bone mass or density

Bone density is essential for implants and determines the success of the procedure. The tissue in the jawbone needs to be strong in order to firmly hold the implant. Since a missing tooth allows for bone loss to occur, it is wise to seek treatment early to avoid significant damage. Just within the first year of having a missing tooth, you can suffer up to 25% bone loss. To fix the issue of bone loss, our dentist in Wilmington, MA, may recommend bone grafting. If grafting is successful you can proceed to have the implants.

  • Have healthy gums and oral tissues

To be a suitable candidate for implants, you should be free dental or oral issues, especially periodontal disease. Any issues with your gums leave you susceptible to infections during the procedure which eventually affects the placement of implants. Our dentist 01887, can, however, help get you back to good health before proceeding implants treatment. Periodontal disease is treated with regular professional cleanings, and once your oral health is satisfying, you can qualify to get dental implants.

  • Be free from illnesses that may affect healing

The placement of implants is a fairly invasive procedure and this requires patients to be in general good health so as not to interfere with the healing process. Some chronic health conditions like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, hemophilia and autoimmune disorders affect the ability to properly heal, thus affecting your candidacy for implants. The inability to heal puts you at risk of a serious infections after the procedure. Osteonecrosis is also a condition that Could Prevent you from getting implants. it affects the bone and can affect how your bone tissue responds after the surgery.

  • Be committed to healthy life habits

For the treatment of dental implants to be successful, you need to have generally heathy lifestyle habits. This is not only to ensure proper healing, but to also see to it that the implants last long. Habits such as poor oral hygiene, smoking and drinking may affect your candidacy. At Wilmington Dental Studio, we advise our patients to make a change to these habits before treatment. Dental implant surgery is a chain process with several stages, and this can take 4 to 12 months to complete. It is therefore important that patients have the discipline and will not to engage in many risky habits during the treatment period. If you can completely quit habits like tobacco smoking and drinking, it is even better for your overall oral health.

To find out more about dental implants, visit any dentist near you for a consultation. If you are in Wilmington, MA, try our dental studio to get a comprehensive consultation and a customized treatment plan. We take into account your dental and medical history and jawbone condition before coming up with a suitable treatment plan. This will also determine the technique and materials used in the treatment.

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