Types of Dentures: Partial and Full Dentures

Types of Dentures: Partial and Full Dentures

Jan 01, 2020

In dentistry, a lot can be done to better the health of teeth, as well as the appearance. The 21st century is one that has emphasized the essence of the cosmetic appeal in all areas of life. It explains why cosmetic dentistry has been on the rise in recent years. In that case, there is no reason for you to lead a toothless life. A dentist near you is more than capable of coming up with a viable solution for your tooth loss.

What are Dentures?

They are dental appliances that are used for replacing missing teeth. They feature artificial teeth that are attached to gum-like plastic material. The dentures are usually removable as per the convenience of the patients. For a long time now, dentures have been used for replacing teeth for old people. However, modern dentistry has a provision for using dentures for younger people as well. Dentures are used in cosmetic dentistry, as well as restorative dentistry.

Types of Dentures

As you would expect, different types of dentures can be sued to correct your dental problem. The types vary based on the amount of coverage they offer in your mouth. They include the following:

  • Complete dentures – these are dentures that cover your entire mouth. Full dentures in Wilmington are used for patients who have lost all their teeth. Complete dentures feature replacement teeth that are a lot similar to the natural teeth. They have all sets of teeth in place, and a gum-like attachment to place on the jawbone.
  • Partial dentures – they feature partial replacements of teeth. Partial dentures in Wilmington are often used where a patient is missing multiple teeth, but still has a set of natural teeth remaining. They can be used to replace teeth on any arc of the mouth and in any location.

Other than those two pain types of dentures, there exists another category for complete dentures.

  • Immediate – they are full dentures that are pre-made for patients. You do not have to go without teeth for even a single day. As soon as you visit your dentist 01887, you can have the immediate complete dentures placed.
  • Conventional dentures – are custom made for individual patients. Ideally, they are only created after a dentist in Wilmington has had a thorough look at your mouth, and taken the impressions of your gums. The impressions are then used to generate the dentures in a dental facility or a laboratory. This takes a couple of weeks, to allow your gums to heal. The benefit of these dentures over immediate ones is that they offer a perfect fit over time. When your gums heal, they tend to shrink. This shrinkage is not accounted for by immediate dentures, which is why their fit will worsen with time.

Why Do You Need Dentures?

It is not everyone that gets excited about having artificial teeth, even when they have multiple natural teeth missing. Given that permanent teeth do not grow back after their removal, here are some of the reasons you will need dentures if you are missing several teeth:

  • To shape your face – did you know that teeth are responsible for framing your face? They support your cheekbones so that you have a fuller and youthful look. Without several teeth, your face will look wrinkled and give you an older look.
  • Function restoration – without teeth, you are deprived of the common things that other people can enjoy. This means you will have difficulty chewing, and even speaking. Dentures will replace your teeth and restore the functions of your mouth.
  • Preventing teeth shifting – the remaining teeth in your mouth will start shifting as soon as there is room in your mouth. When more than two of your teeth are missing, there is a big chance that the rest of the teeth will start shifting to fill up space. This will compromise the stability of your natural teeth, as well as down your cosmetic appeal.
  • Preventing other oral problems – problems like drooling uncontrollably, shrinkage of the gums, to mention a few, are all attached to missing teeth. Dentures can control such problems and give your mouth a natural feel.
  • For cosmetic purposes – gaps created by multiple missing teeth are not attractive. You can elevate the look of your smile by having dentures replace the teeth you are missing.

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