Why Partial Dentures Are Good Tooth Replacement Options?

Why Partial Dentures Are Good Tooth Replacement Options?

Sep 01, 2019

Missing teeth are a common dental issue faced by many people across the globe. The reason for a missing tooth can range from bad dental habits, lack of nutrition, trauma, injury, decay, infection, and many more. Missing teeth can make your speech impaired and eating difficult. It is important to replace your missing teeth to avoid further dental complications.

With innovation in dentistry, we now have several treatments for replacing the missing teeth; however, partial dentures are still considered one of the reliable options for teeth replacement. They have been used by the dentists for several years for restoring an individual or set of missing teeth. The complete dentures are used when you are missing all of your teeth but partial dentures are used when you miss a few of your teeth on either of the jaws.

According to the dentist near you, the partial dentures benefit people who have one or more missing teeth in their mouth. The dentists fit partial dentures around the existing teeth in such a way that they fit perfectly. They can be set on either a metal or plastic base which is secured around the teeth.

Types of Partial Dentures

According to the dentist in Lowell St, the partial dentures can be classified into two: fixed and removable dentures. The type of partial denture is determined based on the teeth around the gap created by a missing tooth. The fixed partial denture is also known as a dental implant bridge. It is permanently attached the artificial teeth directly to the jaw with the help of a dental crown or under the gum tissue with the help of dental implants.

On the other hand, a removable denture, also known as a removable dental bridge helps in filling the gap between two healthy teeth. It consists of artificial teeth attached to the gum-colored plastic base. They are connected by a metal framework that helps in keeping them in place.

Your dentist near 01887 can help in deciding the type of partial dentures that are suitable for you. But irrespective of the type of denture chosen, the benefits of partial dentures are as follows:

  • Allows you to chew and speak easily.
  • Helps in retaining your facial structure.
  • Prevents surrounding teeth from shifting.
  • Helps in easing the stress of your jaw.
  • They are comparatively affordable tooth replacement options.

When Is Partial Denture Suitable for You?

According to the dentist in Woburn St, the partial dentures might be recommended for you when:

  • You are missing multiple teeth.
  • The aim is to preserve all your natural teeth as long as possible. If the need arises, it is possible to add more teeth to the existing partial denture over the period.
  • If some of your teeth are missing from the lower jaw, the partial dentures can be an ideal choice as some people find it difficult to adapt full lower denture.

Tips to Care for Partial dentures

Just like your natural teeth, partial dentures need regular cleaning and brushing for removing the food deposits and plaque. According to the dentist in Wilmington, you can take care of your dentures Tewksbury with these simple tips:

  • Invest in a toothbrush which is specially designed for cleaning the dentures.
  • Ask your dentist about which denture cleaner you must use. Avoid using detergents and soaps for cleaning your dentures.
  • When not wearing the dentures, keep them soaked in the denture cleaners.
  • Always ensure that you brush all the surfaces of the dentures.
  • Never use regular brushes for cleaning the dentures as they can be abrasive and damaging.
  • Never clean your dentures with hot water as it can affect the shape of the dentures.
  • Regularly visit the dentist near you for checkups and cleanings.

There are other tooth-replacement methods as well, such as dental bridges and implants but every method has its pros and cons. Other methods can be time-consuming and expensive. If taken care properly, the partial dentures can last for a lifetime. You must maintain a good oral hygiene routine along with seeing the dentist regularly so that any dental issue can be detected early and treated in the right way, says the dentist in Wilmington, MA.

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