Would You Be Happy If You Are Recommended Root Canal Treatment by Your Dentist?

Would You Be Happy If You Are Recommended Root Canal Treatment by Your Dentist?

May 01, 2020

What would be your reaction if the dentist near you provided information that you need a root canal to overcome the pain you are experiencing in your tooth? You would probably be cursing your luck as well as the dentist that he or she is subjecting you to an expensive procedure that will also cause root canal treatment pain. You are probably forgetting that the infected root canal in your tooth is already causing you immense pain and in your enthusiasm to overlook the advice of the dentist you may even decide to ignore your condition altogether.

It is recommended that you don’t ignore the advice of the dentist and research for a dentist in Wilmington, MA for root canal treatment Tewkesbury because it is the only method to preserve your tooth from extraction. The endodontic treatment provided for the root canal will help to relieve the pain you are experiencing and make things better for you by preserving your natural tooth. It is therefore suggested that you do not delay the procedure fearing the pain you may suffer from but undergo root canal treatment Wilmington without delays.

What Is a Root Canal?

A root canal is just a treatment of the pulp within the tooth that is either infected, inflamed, or dead. The pulp within the tooth is a soft material at the core of the tooth consisting of nerves, connective tissue, and blood vessels. The pulp chamber is the hollow part at the core of the tooth which contains the pulp and extends down the canals that by themselves extend to the roots of the teeth. They are also attached to the surrounding bone and some roots have multiple canals. It must be understood that every tooth has a canal.

Procedures that are treating the nerve of the tooth are known as root canal treatment or endodontic therapy. Endodontics specializes in a field of dentistry dealing specifically with the pulp of the tooth and the tissues surrounding the roots. A problem with a root canal may be treated by a general dentist but in most cases, you will be referred to an endodontist who is a professional that has undergone multiple years of specialized training after dental school focusing on root canal treatments.

If you have been recommended root canal treatment it is simply to remove the infected or inflamed dental pulp from within the tooth and clean the canals and pulp chamber before they are filled and sealed to prevent bacteria from reinfecting the tooth.

What about Root Canal Treatment Pain?

In the days before dentistry acquired the reputation it currently has, dentists were usually barbers that performed extractions and root canals. Certainly, they did not have the qualifications or the tools necessary to perform such procedures with efficiency and subjected the patient to immense pain. The only anesthesia they could administer was probably in the form of alcoholic drinks that weren’t as effective as present-day anesthesia.

The reputation of root canals being painful is probably a result of the pain experienced by people earlier. Present-day dentistry has however evolved and you are unlikely to feel any pain because you will be administered local, sedation, or general anesthesia before the procedure. You will certainly feel some pressure but no pain because the anesthesia would have taken effect and probably rendered you unconscious if general anesthesia is administered.

As you are undergoing a surgical procedure it would be natural for you to experience some pain and swelling after the procedure. This is quite normal and will be taken care of by the dentist by prescribing medications to relieve the pain. Most importantly the root canal treatment would have eliminated the inflammation or infection from within your tooth to leave it in healthy condition only needing restoration in the form of a dental crown or a permanent filling. This is to restore the strength and functionality of the tooth and preserve it for a long time.

Root canal treatments are no longer as fearful as they were because endodontists are treating the tooth efficiently and painlessly to make it easier for themselves to achieve their goal of preserving every tooth while at the same time saving your tooth from extraction. Wilmington Dental Studio is performing hundreds of root canals every year on patients that are suffering from problems similar to yours. You can confidently undergo the treatment with the knowledge that a procedure to preserve your tooth is being performed by the dentist in Wilmington, MA.

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